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Chula Vista Brewery Beer List

New! Copious IPA 7.2% ABV 

Made with Hallertau Blanc hops and has a passionfruit and white grape aroma.

New! Humble Double IPA 9.5% ABV 

Made with simcoe hops for a strong, hoppy bite

New! JJ Pale 5.2% ABV

An English Pale Ale with balanced malts and hops for a light herbal flavor.

The Wave IPA  7.0% ABV
Made with Wimea hops and melon aroma.

South Bay Brown Ale  6.0% ABV
Made with oats, chocolate notes and nutty flavor.

Wi-Fi Wheat  5.7% ABV
American wheat made with 50% wheat and 50% barley.

Abundance IPA 6.5% ABV
A new take on the CVB favorite. LIghter in color and drier with strong pine notes and a more floral aroma.

A Beautiful View American Pale 5.6% ABV
An unconventional pale ale with the big citrus taste, this is a smooth beer for any connoisseur. We like to mix it up a bit as the seasons change by adding different fruits and spices.
Guerita Blonde Ale 5.2% ABV (Currently Out)
Bring in the summer time with our refreshing and light blonde ale. With hints of honey and orange blossoms, this concoction goes down smoothly and leaves you wanting more.

Ruby Red Ale 5.3% ABV
A ruby red color and medium body best describes this super fantastic beer. The caramel and toasted malts are balanced with noble hops to create the beer for everyone.

Aztec Princess Stout 4.6% ABV
For the dark beer lovers out there, the CVB stout is just for you. Hints of chocolate and coffee accent its roasty body, making for a complex yet easy to drink stout. 

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